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Lloyd C. Bronstein


"The mediator, Mr. Bronstein made me feel at ease right from the beginning. He allowed me to take my time and vent my feelings. I had never been a part of a mediation before and Mr. Bronstein explained the mediation process clearly so I knew what to expect."

-Cynthia R., Plaintiff

"Perhaps, Mr. Bronstein's most valuable asset as a mediator was that I felt I could trust him from the outset. He really listened to my concerns and made me feel as if I was being heard and what I had to say was important."

-Robert W., Defendant

"Mr. Bronstein maintained confidentiality and remained fair and impartial. His demeanor made all parties comfortable and willing to discuss. His extensive experience in law and in psychology was clearly evident throughout the mediation and was instrumental to the matter settling at the mediation. He did an excellent job."

-George H., Attorney for Defendant

"Mr. Bronstein made countless useful suggestions that moved the parties toward settlement and acted in a fair and impartial manner throughout the mediation. He was patient with the parties (and their counsel) and worked tenaciously throughout the process. I was very satisfied with the way Mr. Bronstein handled the case. I will definitely use Mr. Bronstein as my mediator again."

-Richard D., Attorney for Plaintiff

"Mr. Bronstein settled a case I thought would not settle. Frankly, he was able to instill a sense of reality in my client when I could not."

-Paul B., Attorney for Plaintiff

"When a fellow attorney asked me for a recommendation for a mediator who might be able to settle a very difficult case, I immediately thought of Mr. Bronstein. I have participated in numerous matters in which Mr. Bronstein has mediated and have been impressed with his ability to uncover the underlying issues that often create impasse. He is able to work through these issues with the parties and create an atmosphere of optimism."

-Rebecca L., Attorney for Defendant

"Mr. Bronstein is a skilled neutral. He worked tirelessly and maintained his patience and professionalism throughout a very long and heated mediation."

-William B., Attorney for Respondent

"Mr. Bronstein has the rare ability to help the parties become objective and somewhat realistic about the chances of prevailing at trial."

-Diana T., Attorney for Defendant

"Mr. Bronstein is a very talented mediator. He offered a number of creative options and remained optimistic even in the face of impasse. He turned challenges into opportunities."

-Edward M., Attorney for Defendant